Why I started this blog.

It is difficult doing a blog like this because it assumes, maybe somewhat arrogantly, that you have something interesting and valid enough to say that you need to blog about it! My aim is just to express my views on what I perceive to be beautiful age appropriate clothing that is still fashionable and on trend. I don’t think there are right or wrong views, just perceptions and what you feel comfortable and attractive in. Some older woman don’t like showing their neck, some their arms, some their knees, so the criteria that makes clothes suitable for older woman is different for everyone. I thought I would compile bits of info, photos and pictures of what I consider beautiful things for over 50’s and put them on this blog.

The idea for this blog came about when a few months ago when I went shopping for something to wear to two different weddings. My husband’s niece got married in March and his nephew in April. I am 53 years old and have always been interested in fashion. I worked in the industry passionately in the 80’s and since then have avidly followed current trends. I trained as a textile designer and initially worked in textile mills designing and producing ranges before moving on to work for a garment manufacturer and then a large clothing chain store. I love paging through magazines and going online to follow the new collections as they get shown in New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks.

When I started shopping for something to wear to the weddings, I was extremely disappointed to find that the department stores do not really cater for mature fashionable woman. All the dresses I even remotely liked were produced with younger woman in mind. I saw amazing colours in stunning fabrics, lace, satin, sequins (which to me may still be worn with great style by older women) but all were in styles too young for a 50 year old. When I made my way to the more mature section of the stores the floors were full of dull grey, silver and black outfits in unattractive boring taffeta and polyester. The whole lot were dull and old and very unfashionable.It was depressing just looking at them.I started wondering why just because one is in ones 50’s one has to suddenly start dressing like a very matronly mother of the bride.There seems to be no in between.There must be some solid middle ground for older women, the ground situated between excessive matron or minx. It’s a middle ground that does exist, despite the dreary department store occupants metaphorically/ ideologically squatting there! As I was unable to find anything I liked in stores  I ended up having two lovely dresses made for me by Jasmine from the Clothing Alteration Company in the city with fabrics from Tessuti Fabrics in Surry Hills which I have included in this post. I loved what she made me and felt very comfortable. I continue to shop and look out for what I consider to be garments, trends, colours and accessories suitable for someone like me and I invite anyone with an interest to join me.

March wedding: Emerald Satin Dress

Emerald satin dress

Emerald Satin Dress

Bottega Veneta clutch bought on ebay

April wedding: Turquoise satin and ochre lace dress, gold Tory Burch chain bag.

Turquoise satin and ochre lace dress.

Gold Tory Burch bag

Charlie Brown skirt and necklace

Dior bag

Purple t shirt dress, yellow Zara jacket, Louvisa necklace.

Diva necklace

Some days this week:

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4 Responses to Why I started this blog.

  1. Peach says:

    Hello. I came across you & your blog on Sew Tessuti, fabulous, it’s great and I’ll be keeping an eye on this! Interestingly, I had just been reading this:
    And I do agree. Keep current, stay cool, keep going forward and enjoy.

  2. Michelle says:

    I too came by here after reading Tessuti’s post on your beautiful blue silk shift dress. Such good thinking over here. I’ve been struggling the last few weeks with what to wear – what’s appropriate, flattering, etc. I’m almost 42, and am a plus sized girl, so I’m almost in that in between stage! I don’t want to dress like my aunty, but I do want to be fashionable, modest and pretty.

    Will look forward to seeing what else you post!


  3. Michelle G says:

    A BIG thank you for focussing on the need for fashion for older women who are still young at heart and want to look fashionable but not ridiculous in young fashion. AND what about FUN. I would love more options for women my age 60+. I have now dusted off the sewing machine and have started to practise again. I am loving it. Bring on fashion for classy dames – that’s what I say.

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