Spring Flowers and bright Spring colours.


Spring flower display

David Jones has had their magnificent Spring flowers on show on the ground floor of the city store for the last week. They are so beautiful and the colours are so vibrant that I can’t wait for summer to arrive. The arrangements are huge and create a sort of Wonderland on the ground floor. They are a lovely backdrop and segue to some stunning clothes that have started coming in for Spring.


I think even a small bunch of flowers have the ability to make you feel good or better if you are having a bad day so these giant displays of beautiful flowers made me feel fantastic!




Fluro and brights.

I think it is possible to wear the lovely bright fluro colours, in your 50’s, without looking like a traffic cone or emergency worker. The fluro coral and lime that seem to be opening the season for all the stores are lovely when used as accents with a neutral like stone, grey, khaki, and cream. I think it maybe too much if paired with black. The contrast would be just too much.

Fluro accessories, shoes, necklaces, nail varnish and make up are a good way to introduce colour into an outfit.

Illamasqua nail varnish in Collide and Lament.

Ann Taylor necklace (New York)

Fabric pumps from Wanted

Thurley coral patent clutch

Magenta suede PS1 pouch bag

Thurley Lime and cream lame brocade jacket and shorts

Veronica Maine basket weave clutch with lime trim

Thurley lemon yellow necklace

Veronica Maine lime, black and white skirt



Lovely things I found while wandering around today.

These bright cuffs and bracelets are from Kookai and can be worn separately or layered together.

Kookai cuff

Kookai bracelets

Chanel nail varnish in Holiday and lipstick in Excentrique

Bright Orange Diva Necklace

Coral t shirt dress

Coral t shirt dress with vintage cardigan and Jimmy Choo bag

Bracelet detail

Monday’s shopping:



Nails and Nail Varnish:

I usually wear nail varnish as my nails break all the time and during summer, I mostly wear sandals so I always have a pedicure. I often wonder if my toes and fingers should be the same colour and if it looks tacky if they’re not. Peter Philips, the Creative Director of make up and therefore nail varnish at Chanel, said in an interview with The New York Times that he likes different colours on toes and fingers and suggests trying darker colours on toes and lighter ones on fingers this summer. So now I feel better about it seeing as he has given permission!

This photo is from the latest Chanel collection and shows a new manicure of silver topped with pink. It looks lovely!

Chanel pink and silver nails



Chanel have just launched three new colours for Fashion Night Out which also look beautiful.

Chanel new FNO colours


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