Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton Show, jackets and cardigans.

I know this particular show was months ago and that there will be a new one popping up any day now as Paris Fashion week commenced on the 25th September but every time I watch this I am amazed at how beautiful it is. It is one of the most spectacular fashion shows I have ever seen and it transports you back in time to glamorous train trips and lets you imagine Agatha Christie type liaisons and assignations. The luggage carried by the porters is amazing and I love the sequin covered bags and totes.The fabrics are rich and shiny and the embellishments beautiful. I saw the range in the Sydney store last week and it is stunning, even the coat buttons are little works of art! It’s a lovely moment of luxurious escapism.

Louis Vuitton sequin bags, 5th Avenue New York

I watched an interview with Christine Lagarde last week. She is a lawyer by profession, was the first woman chairman of the the international law firm Baker and McKenzie, held various ministerial posts in the French government including Minister of Finance and is currently the head of the International Monetary Fund. She is the first woman to hold that position. She was speaking about the global financial crisis and a lot of it was over my head but I was interested in her take on being a woman in what is essentially a man’s world. When asked the continuing and age old question about whether a woman really can have it all, she replied yes but “You cannot have it all at the same time, you need patience for the right time.” I understood her take to be that you need to be  patient and to focus on different areas of your life at different times. She certainly seems to have got the formula right.

Christine Lagarde.

While I was out looking at jackets and cardigans this week, I took particular note of what woman my age were looking at and trying on. I though it would be an accurate indication about what my age group are drawn towards and want to wear.

With the lovely weather we have been having it doesn’t seem that you would need a jacket this Spring but the mornings and evenings are still very cool and these light jackets and cardigans are perfect. It seems that the ‘Chanel tweed type’ jacket that a few stores are showing at the moment is extremely popular. Zara are showing it in solid bright colours and the more traditional ‘mottled tweed’. They would look lovely with floral skirts and dresses or plain skirts and pants.

Orange jacket at Zara

Lime green jacket at Zara, also available in turquoise.

Cream jacket at Zara.

Coral knit jacket at Zara

Zara are doing this soft knit jacket in lovely colours. I bought it in yellow a few weeks ago and have worn it a lot. They are really useful and go with everything.

Gant denim jacket at David Jones

I love denim jackets. I think you can wear them at any age. They are easy to wear, great to travel with and are perfect when it’s not too cold. You can pair them with casual t shirts or sequins and brocade.

Denim jacket and orange shift dress.

Bright candy pink rayon jacket at Zara.

There are so many floral print jackets around at the moment. I am undecided about them, I love them but I think they will date very quickly. Having said that, I was in the lift yesterday with a lady wearing a black floral jacket with black pants and a black top. It looked like she was going out for dinner and looked very nice so maybe the thing to do would be to not spend a fortune one as I don’t think they will still be around in Fall. They do look lovely with smaller florals and plains.

Floral jacket at Zara

Floral jackets at Zara.

Tailored hounds tooth jacket from Perri Cutten.

These  Josh Goot jackets and dresses make a beautiful and very striking display in David Jones. They are bright, vibrant and expensive!! They are very specific prints and are not everyone’s cup of tea but I was amazed at how many people stopped to look at them. The colours are magnificent and the botanical prints so detailed. They might be suitable for the races or a wedding.

Josh Goot black and orange print jacket at David Jones

Josh Goot dress at David Jones

Josh Goot at David Jones

I always think of Alannah Hill as the queen of cardigans and they have some beautiful ones in store at the moment. They are also perfect for slightly cooler weather.

Emerald green Alannah Hill cardigan

Green floral cardigan with embellished neckline at Alannah Hill

Embroidered Alannah Hill cardigan in pink

Embroidered Alannah Hill cardigan in black

I think these two embroidered cardigans would look especially good with small prints.

Tokito short sleeve cardigan at Meyer

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3 Responses to Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton Show, jackets and cardigans.

  1. Rosemary says:

    My mouth is watering at the beautiful jackets and their colours – alas I live in the hot tropics so can only dream of such clothing.
    I am 52 and love your blog. I have trouble finding my kind of clothing so I sew what I can. Keep up the good work I love your styles.

  2. Rabia says:

    I am looking at buying the zara floral blazer where can I get it from?

    • shirlcatts says:

      I saw it at the Zara in the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney. I have not checked to see if it can be bought on line.Hope you find it.

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