Phillip Tracey, Hats and Fascinators

I thought that with horse racing season around the corner I would concentrate on hats and fascinators this week. It seems to me that fascinators have gone from being small and understated to large and flamboyant. In the past I have found fascinators to be a bit uninteresting, a few feathers stitched onto an alice band that sticks out off your head at a peculiar angle making you look like a Dr Seuss character but this season they are way more interesting. Some of them look almost like hats with large structured brims although they are still on an alice band. The advantage of that is you don’t end up with squashed ‘hat hair’ if you take it off later in the evening! They don’t sit quite the same way a hat does but they are fun and there are lots of lovely ones around.The other trend seems to be single beautiful large colourful flowers. I think if you need a hat or fascinator for an event you should probably look for that first and then match your outfit to it and not the other way around. Sort of like some people choose their shoes first and match to them!

Fascinator ‘hat’ at David Jones

Orange Floral Fascinator at David Jones

Teal Floral Fascinator at David Jones

Black and White feather fascinator at David Jones

Yellow floral fascinator at David Jones

Black flower fascinator at Meyer

Rose fascinator at Myer

Floral fascinator at Myer

Fan inspired fascinator at David Jones

Phillip Tracey, the English milliner, is the undisputed king of hats, and has just shown an amazing collection of them at Fashion Week in London. They are all works of art and are more for inspiration and trend setting than wearing although he makes all Lady Gaga’s hats and she is one of the few people who could carry these off ! Some of them had a very organic and tribal feel to them and all are very spectacular. When he was asked ‘Does a person carry off a hat or a hat carry off a person?’ He replied “A person carries off the hat. Hats are about emotion. It is all about how it makes you feel. I like hats that make the heart beat faster.” A hat is not something you wear everyday so it should be special and make you feel good in it.

Phillip Tracey Spring 13

Phillip Tracey Spring 13

Phillip Tracey Spring 13

Phillip Tracey Spring 13

Chanel Spring 13

I have been amazed at how much sheer and organza has been shown in the Spring 13 ready to wear collections.  It is always mixed with satin or solids creating a textural contrast. This hat from Chanel carries the trend through beautifully.

I have been looking at the new collections coming out of Milan and Paris fashion week and have been thinking of how I can roughly interpret the looks I like. I love this linen and lace type look from Dolce and Gabbana so decided to try and recreate something vaguely similar with linen and a beautiful red lace from Tessuti Fabrics in Surry Hills. I wish I was young enough for all these short shifts, they are so pretty and summery!

Linen dress Dolce and Gabbana Sp13

My version of the linen and lace dress

Linen and Lace Dress

Linen and Lace Dress

The UK chain Topshop opened it’s much awaited store in Sydney this week on George Street so I joined the long queue to get in. You could tell that something was new was happening as all the usual stores were very quiet and empty. The first impression on walking in is favorable but as I wandered around, it was a bit disappointing. Where Topshop stores are usually characterised with lots of space and ease of movement around the rails and displays and an almost ‘warehouse’ feel, this was all a bit of a jumble with low dark ceilings. There were a lot of people browsing but not many in the check out queues.  Maybe it just seemed chaotic as there were so many people in the store.

Topshop George Street window

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