Grey Hair, Handbags and Jigsaw

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I am not ready to go grey yet, but whenever I get my roots done, I have very fleeting thoughts about whether I should think about going grey and when I’m going to do it. I searched a few blogs to see what other peoples thoughts on grey hair are and found some interesting opinions and beautiful photos of grey haired woman.

Bob hairstyle courtesy of the Salon Zero website

Salon Zero in Florida have this advice from their colourist, on their website.

*If you are going to go grey you need to have an age appropriate cut that will suit grey hair. They suggests a short pixie cut or a soft bob.

*If you have less than 50% grey in your hair you should probably colour it as a few grey hairs can just look unkempt and scruffy on a woman although it seems to be considered distinguished on a man. Who knew?

*The other factor to consider is your skin tone. If you have an olive complexion you don’t want your grey hair to make you look sallow and unwell or if you are very pale you don’t want to look washed out with pale grey hair. You might have to consider changing your make up slightly to compensate,maybe switch to a brighter lipstick.

Most professionals agree that if you decide to let the grey grow out, there is no easy way to do it. You can crop it short and let it grow out slowly but you will always have a period of a few weeks looking a bit like Cruella de Vil while it grows. You can also try getting grey highlights pulled through your hair at a salon which will soften the look but again you will have an unsightly period while you let the grey come through.

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Although it can be time consuming and a bit of a bother, I like changing my handbag so that it goes specifically with whatever I am wearing that day.  There are lots of really beautiful bags around at the moment. Everywhere I look I see lovely ones that I could snap up! There are lots of lovely trends that I could see, colour blocked bags, most often in neutrals with a bright coral, nude shades, naturals with animal prints, studs and very large bags that will carry everything and would be perfect for traveling. Here are a few of my favourites.

Studded Beige Bag at Zara, also available in Black

Large tan and red bag at Zara

Red patent bag at Mouche Westfield Mall Chatswood

Stone handbag at Saba

Saba messenger bag in Beige and stone

Orange and Black messenger bag at Saba

Yellow, beige and silver bag from Nine West

Three tone bag at Zara

Three tone bag at Sportsgirl

Large Lime and Beige bag at Forever New

Quilted bag at Forever New

Turquoise, Coral and Tan handbags at Country Road

Tan Prada bag. It looks ombre in the light but it is one lovely colour

Fossil bags at David Jones

Fossil bags at David Jones

When I walked past Jigsaw I couldn’t help but notice their windows. They are magnificent with large baskets of  silk flowers and lovely clothes. Inside they have stunning accessories and a lovely spotted trench coat that is too warm for the weather now but is very tempting it’s so pretty.

Jigsaw window, Chatswood Chase

Jigsaw window, Chatswood Chase

Spotted Trench coat Jigsaw

Silver Metallic necklace at Jigsaw

Ribbon and Crystal necklace at Jigsaw

I had quite a lot of red lace left when I made the tobacco linen dress so I decided to use it up and made this red linen dress in the same pattern and used the lace for the sleeves.

Red linen and lace from Tessuti fabrics

Sleeve detail

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  1. Sandy Cadiz-Smith says:

    Love all the bags! There are some beautiful ones in Phuket.

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