Sequins, cocktail dresses and burgundy mascara.

There are lots of shiny glittery sequins around at the moment and they are all appealing to my inner magpie. Whenever I pass them in shop windows or stores I am very drawn to them. Maybe it’s the way the lights catch them or maybe I am starting to feel a bit Christmasy. With cocktail parties approaching these sequin dresses, tops and accessories may be just the thing but they are not that easy to wear when you are older and I think the best way to do it is as little accents of glitter. A skirt, a jacket or shoes and a handbag. A blouse with a sequined collar. If you are shopping for a glittery dress that has detailed styling then maybe go for one with either just the skirt or top done in sequins or shine. T shirt style dresses seem to be ok when done entirely in sequins, maybe because the silhouette is so simple. Sometimes if they are textured and stick out a bit, sequins can give you a larger silhouette and are not always slimming so be careful about which ones you choose. I think the colours you wear with gold sequins and glitter are key and I would be careful of black as I think it can look dated and harsh. Instead try plum, burgundy, slate or teal if you want a darker colour or neutrals, khaki and even a bit of denim or, if you are very brave, camouflage as seen at Zara, if you want a newer look.

Copper sequin bags at Nine West

Navy glitter at Nine West

Gold and Silver at Nine West

Gold clutch at Mimco

Glitter bags at Alannah Hill

Sequin top at Charie Brown

Sequin dress at Charlie Brown

Sequin skirted dress Charlie Brown at Meyer

Plum sequin dress from

Sequin dress at Leona Edmiston

Black Sass and Bide pants with sequined side seams

George Gross Gold beaded dress at David Jones

Sequin jacket at Zara worn with camouflage pants

Sequin and Lace dress Anthea Crawford at Meyer

Black Anthea Crawford dress at Meyer

Colette Dinnigan at David Jones

Karen Millen lace shift at Meyer

Grace Hill lace dress at

Karen Millen have a few heavy satin cocktail dresses in stunning jewel colours in at the moment. I looked at the range in Meyer and although most of them are either sleeveless or have a very small sleeve, the drape of the satin is beautiful and quite flattering across the stomach.

Karen Millen Purple satin at Meyer

Karen Millen mint and teal satin at Meyer

Lanvin Gold Lace at David Jones

Thurley Gold Glitter shoes at David Jones

Silver mirror clutch at Witchery

Embellished collars at Mimco

Sequined and beaded belts at Alannah Hill

I like these sequined and beaded belts at Alannah Hill. I was thinking that you might be able to give an existing plain dress a bit of a facelift with one of them.

Plum heart sequin cardigan at Alannah Hill

Black sequin from cardigan at Alannah Hill. Also in pink

Gold metallic t shirt dress

Gold sequin skirt with plum cotton cross over blouse

O.P.I have released a range of James Bond inspired nail varnishes to celebrate 50 years of 007. They are beautiful colours and there are a few magnetic shimmer shades in there as well. I bought the gold Skyfall varnish. It comes in a pack with a magnet included. You paint a coat onto your nails, hold the magnet over the nail for a few seconds and the small metallic fibers in the varnish move to form a pattern! Sally Hansen also have a range of lovely magnetic colours but I love the gold glitter of this O.P.I colour. Lovely for cocktail parties and the holiday season.

O.P.I Magnetic nail varnish in Skyfall

Chanel Rouge Noir mascara and matching eye pencil in Cassis

As I am sure you have all gathered by now, I do love all things Chanel, especially the make up. This mascara and eye pencil are no exception. They are in a lovely burgundy colour which gives amazing depth to your eyes and is so much more interesting than plain black mascara. It is different to the coloured mascaras of the 80’s that gave you spiky green or blue lashes and left you looking like a back up singer in a David Bowie concert. The look now is subtle and smokey and  suits all eye colours.

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